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Product Comparison
Zoom Studio 2 vs Zoom Studio 2 - Home Edition

1. Licensing
Zoom Studio 2 - Home edition is not intended for professional or commercial use.

2. Wavelet compression
Zoom Studio 2 has support for LuraWave compressed images and bundles SmartCompress 3, used to create LuraWave files. Lurawave is a wavelet compression scheme that compresses images harder than JPEG but with better quality. LuraWave images are also “streamable” from the server allowing very high quality images to be published for modem users as well as for users with fast internet connections.

3. Scripting
Zoom Studio 2 has support to control the Inzomia Browser plug-in from scripts on web pages (VBscript or Javascript). The programming interface (functions, properties and events) is listed in the documentation.

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Zoom Studio 2
You can create image galleries with image information from jpeg images.

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